Berkeley Tilden Park Brazilian Room Wedding

How adorable are these two! They got married on my birthday and I will forever remember their wedding anniversary! <3 Congrats again, Tiffany and Jared! Thank you for trusting me to capture all the beauty and joy of your wedding day.


Carrie Dove Catering -
Quantumn Party Productions (lighting and AV equipment) -
Julie Cao (Hair and makeup) - Instagram @jc_beautyartistry
Garnet + Grace Bridal Boutique (wedding dress) -
Fleurish (flowers) - Instagram @fleurishca
Sweet Adeline Bakeshop (cake) -

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San Francisco // Lands End Engagement Session

If you live in SF, you know that you really can’t take sunshine for granted! SF is like the only place in California that is consistently foggy IN THE SUMMER. I’m so glad though that the sun light wasn’t over taken by Karl the fog during Steph and Stephen’s engagement session - especially because they came all the way from southern California for their engagement photos!

San Diego // La Jolla Shores Maternity Session

Many years ago, I photographed Alice and RJ’s wedding at the beach. They were one of my first wedding clients who trusted me with their wedding. And their wedding was our first wedding that was ever published in a wedding magazine! What a privilege it is for me to photograph them once again, at the beach, as they are expecting the arrival of baby boy. <3

Redwood Forest Engagement Session

One of the perks of living in Northern California is that we get to enjoy the glorious redwoods that surrounds us. I feel so lucky that I live just 25 minutes away from Redwood Regional Park (in Oakland).

Paul and Jess loves the outdoor and they love going hiking together whenever they have a chance. So naturally I jumped at the chance of recommending to have their engagement photos taken at Redwood Regional Park.

I am very happy to report that the session went really well, mostly thanks to the sun who decided to come out at the right time to shine on us!

Christmas break at Newport Beach

For Christmas our family spent a few days at Newport Beach for family reunion (on my husband’s side of the family). It was such a wonderful break! We rented a condo that is located only a block away from the beach. It was amazing to only have to walk across the street to have access to the beach!! The grandparents gifted some of the younger kids scooters so all the kids in the family have a scooter! We play board games, rode beach cruisers along the beach, chase after birds, cooked a ton of food and ate a lot. On the last evening we were there, we witnessed the most dramatic sunset sky. I couldn’t be more grateful.


We went on our first trip this year!! We went to South Lake Tahoe with our church community and played in the snow. Lucky for us, snow totally came and we had to drive through a snow storm to get home. It was scary, stressful but oh so worth it!! We are also very thankful that we made it up and down the mountain through the snow safely. Here are some glimpses of moments from the trip, including but not limited to - a calm Lake Tahoe (before the storm) during sunset, starry night sky, some silly moments inside the cabin, sledding in fresh snow fall, and caravanning home.


Happy New Year! Welcome to my new website and my new blog!

I want to start off this fresh new blog with a blog regarding gratefulness.

On last day of year 2018, I did a gratefulness exercise. I did it because this year I went through way too much self-doubt and often felt too envious of others. I complained way too much (usually just in my head) about not having the life I wanted. WHICH IS ALL SO SILLY because I am truly so blessed and so lucky. Tonight, I gathered up some pretty things that represent things/experience/people that I am so grateful to have in my life. The camera (obviously) represents photography (and all the experience, growth, and rewards that came with along with it). The two golden pine cones represent my two kids.!The book represents Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior. The little gold stars represent all the little blessings and promises from Him throughout this year. The tiny mitten represents warmth and shelter. The rosemary branches are taken from my backyard. I'm grateful for the house that I live in (especially the backyard!!). The mug (with milk tea) represents my parents since milk tea is a huge part of my heritage. The geo shape thingy represents all the things that I am able to have. The Christmas lights represent love and light from my friends and family members, and my husband. I am constantly surrounded by all of your love and I truly don't deserve it. I am hoping that I can carry the attitude of gratefulness with me all the time in year 2019. And I hope I could be a light in your life, too. Cheers and Happy New Year!