Happy New Year! Welcome to my new website and my new blog!

I want to start off this fresh new blog with a blog regarding gratefulness.

On last day of year 2018, I did a gratefulness exercise. I did it because this year I went through way too much self-doubt and often felt too envious of others. I complained way too much (usually just in my head) about not having the life I wanted. WHICH IS ALL SO SILLY because I am truly so blessed and so lucky. Tonight, I gathered up some pretty things that represent things/experience/people that I am so grateful to have in my life. The camera (obviously) represents photography (and all the experience, growth, and rewards that came with along with it). The two golden pine cones represent my two kids.!The book represents Christ Jesus, my Lord and Savior. The little gold stars represent all the little blessings and promises from Him throughout this year. The tiny mitten represents warmth and shelter. The rosemary branches are taken from my backyard. I'm grateful for the house that I live in (especially the backyard!!). The mug (with milk tea) represents my parents since milk tea is a huge part of my heritage. The geo shape thingy represents all the things that I am able to have. The Christmas lights represent love and light from my friends and family members, and my husband. I am constantly surrounded by all of your love and I truly don't deserve it. I am hoping that I can carry the attitude of gratefulness with me all the time in year 2019. And I hope I could be a light in your life, too. Cheers and Happy New Year!